We are not a new player on the market, but gained our knowledge from being more than 10 years in the IT business. We come from a time where everything was still in it's startup shoes. We saw the new technologies emerge, and followed the technology flow.

Our Goal is to find the best and cheapest solution for your situation or problem. Knowing what the market offers, makes us capable to suggest the way forward. We prepare you for the future.

We believe that expensive maintenance contracts are most of the time the 'killing' factor in the descision to move forward. That is why we offer you a clear support plan, where you decide how far you want to go.


Look at mybITes as your Single Point of Contact. Whatever your IT needs are, we make it happen...

You have a small to medium business. Years ago you invested a lot of money in your IT environment. Today you come to the conclusion that everything is getting outdated, old and non compliant. We help you to move to the next level. We integrate your business in the cloud, so you don't need to worry anymore. We can provide you with online remote support.

We build websites streamlined with your business, and help you create your branding. We create quick, adaptable, user friendly and elegant websites, at a reasonable price. All our websites get a standard basic optimisation for the two most important search machines Google and MSN. In this way, all websites developed by us are easy to trace.